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A lot of variables influence coil performance and longevity. Lower ohms means less resistance, which sucks more power from your battery to heat your coil faster. Heavier vaping means more demand from your coil. A casual vaper will have to change his or her coil less frequently than a vapomaniac. Flavors also influence coil longevity. Some flavor purists insist on changing their coils and wicks every time they change flavor. Some vapers only change their coils when it is absolutely necessary.

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Heavy vapers should change their coils every five to seven days. Moderate vapers should change their coils every two weeks. Light vapers can get away with changing their coils every three to four weeks. These are general guides, and if you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should probably change your coil sooner.

There is no universal method for coil changing.

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With such a wide variety of coil options in the vaping world, every atomizer has its own method options. For tank users, make sure the tank is empty. For RDA folks, make sure excess e-juice is clear. For pre-built and stock coils, the coil can be unscrewed from the atomizer. Build decks usually have a hex-screw or allen wrench with which to unscrew your coil from the posts.

No two atomizer models are identical, so some research may be required. Pre-build coils can be screwed into the atomizer deck. Remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey! Make sure the pre-build coil is tightly fastened and primed. Building can get extremely technical, and there is no limit to the expertise you can achieve in coil-building.

Insert the coil to the post-holes, screw them in with the proper tools, and insure your ohms are registering in the proper range. Wick, prime, and apply e-juice as needed. As noted before, there is no universal way to change a coil. Learn as much as you can about products, techniques, and innovations. If it still tastes funky after un-wicking, dry burning, rinsing coil and tank , drying, re-wicking and priming..

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Thankz 4 that info i didnt know u had to do or could do all those things. I jus bought a vape off a friend yesterday and it came with no instructions. So i went back to find out how to use it, i find out 2 hours after i left him he died. Enlarged heart n high blood pressure. He kept saying he was vert tired. N had head aches the whole day. My point is i cant ask him how to work it now… So im here tryna figure it out. So thanks. You are very welcome for the information in this post and we are happy to hear that it was helpful to you!

If you do need any other information or need any specific questions answered, feel free to contact our wonderful Customer Service Representative at support mtbakervapor. Kind of going thru same thing. Twisted coils are super nice. I used one when I started vaping and then forgot about them.

I need to go make one again. Depending on the flavors, I would change it at least every weeks. If the flavors are sweeter it might be sooner. I usually change wicks and dry burn my coils about every 30ml or so, when a slight burnt taste develops. That sounds fair. That would be every days for me. My coils burn fast it seems. I have to change those often. I usually just change it when taste starts to turn burnt taste , sometimes though you can run warm water through it and get a couple more days out of it.

This helps me a little. I have only used three flavors and it seems that the burning taste is quite regular with me. If you could, please tell me how often I should change my coil. The lifespan of a coil is anywhere from weeks typically. This time can be greatly decreased if the user is a heavy vaper. A burnt taste from a new or newer coil is usually due to the coil not being properly primed before it was fired. For sub ohm coils, you will need to use a high VG e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength like 6mg typically and the coil will need to be primed for minutes so that the cotton wicking material has enough time to saturate with e-liquid.

It is also best to start off with the lowest wattage for the coil after it has been primed and work your way up to your desired wattage. You also need to make sure that you are not setting your wattage higher that the ohm on your coil is rated for. If you have primed the coil correctly and are still getting a burnt taste right away, then the coil may have been manufactured incorrectly causing a defect, to which you would then need to install and prime a new coil. Will an old weeks use coil use up more liquid faster? Thanx for info, very helpful!

Hi Rebekah, thank you for your comment. Perhaps time for a change? I had an Icare vape for my starter I am fairly new. I am a pretty steady user and the coils seems to be used up fast. Any suggestions on settings to make them last longer? Also the vent on the bottom you twist for the air vent , what is best to have it at for best flavor fuly opened or more closed? I feel opened more get less taste? Hello, I am new to vaping. I have a Eleaf IKonn My coil says I should vape between 50 and I have the Ello mini xl tank with a eleaf hw3 coil.

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I find it better at 30 or even 40 ya right its to hot and sounds like t is boiling it when I go that high.. I have heard gurgling it gets very hot the smoke also. I turned the temp down. I think I have crappy juice? Aint as much vapor as I would like. Someone told me try different juice? Anyways I have only had it for 2 days so far how do you change the coil when you have juice do you wait until its gone or pour it out and reuse it maybe get an eye dropper and suck it back out what does everyone do.

I am gonna try Naked Pog is it any good? Thanks, I do not know my pg vg ration on my juice also. I have a sub ohm vape dude at the vape shop said it was a good set up? I think I would like a dif tank and drip tip ppl say the Aspire will work anyone have the same one? I am a new vaper. I have had an Ikonn with Ello tank for about 2 months. That setup comes with an HW3 and an HW4 coil. I had similar frustrating issues with what I feel is a quality mod and tank. I solved my problem by doing the following. Next and most importantly for me, I learned how to program that Ikonn I figured out how to adjust ohms, watts, etc.

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